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  0461-14/FMT/PWH  Publication of tender Amendment to the Supply of Medicines for 2014-15.dt. 23.06.201(MPML/2014-15/IND345).    
  1842-13 / FMT / PEG  Tender Document for Supply of Continuous duty TEFC SQ cage induction motor. Qty: 01 No. Conditions of Purchase    Terms and Conditions  31.07.2014  
  0186 / FMT / PEG  Tender Document for Supply of Squirrel cage induction motor. Qty: 01 No. Conditions of Purchase    Terms and Conditions  31.07.2014  
  0578-14/FMT/PAC  Tender Document for Supply of 1000 MT Poly Aluminum Chloride. (e-Portal Tender No.MPML/2014-15/IND347)  04.08.2014  
  0365-14 / FMT / PEG  Tender Document for supply of Supply & Commissioning of 3 Mtrs High Mast Lighting System unit. Qty: 01 Nos. Annexure A    Annexure B    Annexure C    Annexure D  21.07.2014  
  0364-14 / FMT / PEG  Tender Document for Supply of Supply & Commissioning of 3 Ton Split type Air Conditioner unit. Qty: 02 Nos. Conditions of Purchase    Terms and Conditions  21.07.2014  
  0086-14 / FMT / PEG  Tender Document for Supply of Supply & Commissioning of 3 MT Split type Air Conditioner. Qty: 02 Nos. Conditions of Purchase    Terms and Conditions  21.07.2014  
  0461-14/FMT/PWH  Tender Notification for Supply of Medicines for 2014-15. (e-Tender No. MPML/2014-15/IND-345)  28.07.2014  
  032514/FMT/PWH  Tender Notification for Supply of No stock Medicines with discount on MRP Price. (e- Tender No.MPML/2014-15/IND-344)  28.07.2014  
  0180-14 / FMT / PSU  Tender enquiry for Supply of Press Deg Wire Cloth(Screen) - Top & Bottom. Qty: 04 + 04 =08 Nos. Conditions of Purchase    Terms and Conditions  27.07.2014  
  0410-14/FMT/PSO  Tender enquiry for Fabrication supply and erection of Roller screen box as per drawing no.1411005 it 1and 2 only. Quantity: 1 no. Annexure    Drawing 1411005  31.07.2014  
  0449-14/FMT/PSS  Tender enquiry for design, supply, commissioning of hydraulically operated 8" NB cut over valve for 60 ton cap.vaccum pan at 2500 TCD sugar plant. Quantity: 1 no. Annexure  31.07.2014  
  0626-14/FAD/HLC  Tender Notification for Biennial Contract for Providing Manpower and 01 No Tata Sumo and 02 Nos Motor Bikes (Model 2014 & onwards only) for Security and Vigilance Services in the Mills. Township, outstation posts and at our Corporate Office, Bangalore for the Biennium 2014-16.  26.08.2014  
  0535-14/FMT/PHC  Tender enquiry for Boiler bed material River sand Size 0.8mm to 1.2mm mesh Quantity:200 MT. EMD: Rs 5000. Annexure  31.07.2014  
  0409-14/FMT/PSP  Tender enquiry for phosphor bronze bearing liner (DE & NDE) as per drg 3423024 Quantity - 8 sets. Annexure    Drawing 3423024R4  31.07.2014  
  0531-14/FMT/PSP  Tender enquiry for SS316 wirecloth quantity: different. Annexure  31.07.2014  
  0554-14/FMT/PSP  Tender enquiry for modified screw conveyor as per drawing 3413052 Quantity - 1 no. Annexure    Drawing 3413052  31.07.2014  
  0551-14 FMT PHV  Tender enquiry for Dead weight type Non Return Valve 200NB size Quantity - 4 no.s. Annexure  31.07.2014  
  0458-14/FMT/PHC  Tender enquiry for Calderys make whytheat A&K refractory cement Quantity: 5+5 MT. Annexure  31.07.2014  
  0556-14 FMT PHV  Tender enquiry for SS seamless tubes 45mm OD x 1.22 thk x 4 mtrs length,both ends annealed for expanding Quantity - 100 no.s Annexure  31.07.2014  
  0577-14/FMT/PSP  Tender enquiry for Bare shaft pump,cap 20 cu.m/hr,head 25 mtrs for handling condensate @ 95 deg C Quantity - 3 no.s Annexure  31.07.2014  
  2319-13 FMT/PEL  Tender enquiry for Imported Portable Spectrophotometer (Brightness Meter). Quantity : 1 no.(e-tender No.MPML/2014-15/IND346) Technical Specfication Pre-Qualification Requirements  25.07.2014  
  0358-14/FMT/PCF  Tender enquiry for Supply of Caustic Soda Flakes. Qty: 28 MT (e-tender No. MPML/2014-15/IND340)  25.07.2014  
  0328-14/FMT/PDD  Tender enquiry for Acid Orange Dye.Qty: 2000 Kgs (e-portal NO.MPML/2014-15/ IND-339)  25.07.2014  
  0426-14/FMT/PDD  Tender enquiry for Direct Paper Yellow. Qty: 1000 Kgs(e-portal NO.MPML/2014-15/ IND-343)  25.07.2014  
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