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  0925-14/FMT/PEG  Tender Document for supply of 3 Phase Induction Motor . Qty. - 01 No. Other Terms & Conditions Conditions of Purchase   10.10.2014  
  0097-14/FMT/PCH  Tender Document for Supply of Hydrochloric Acid. (e-tender no. MPML/2014-15/IND327-CALL-2).   18.10.2014  
  1018-14/FMT PHV  Tender enquiry for Dead weight type Non Return Valve 80&100NB size Quantity - 4 no.s each Other Terms & Conditions   10.10.2014  
  1017-14/FMT/PSO  Tender enquiry for top and bottom plate for bezner screen as per drg 2411011 Quantity 4 + 4 no.s Annexure Drawing 2421033   10.10.2014  
  0939-14/FMT/PSO  Tender enquiry for top and bottom plate for bezner screen as per drg 2411011 Quantity 4 + 4 no.s Other Terms & Conditions Drawing 2411011   10.10.2014  
  1019-14/FMT/PSM  Tender enquiry for Felt carrying rolls Quantity - diff Other Terms & Conditions Drawing 3452002   10.10.2014  
  0554-14/FMT/PSP  Tender enquiry for modified screw conveyor as per drawing 3413052 Quantity- 1 no. Other Terms & Conditions Drawing 3413052   10.10.2014  
  0934-14/FMT/PSP  Tender enquiry for SS316 wirecloth quantity:different Conditions of Purchase   10.10.2014  
  0463-14/FMT/PSB  Tender enquiry for Bearing 60888,extra light series single row deep groove ball bearing, dimensions 440mm ID X 540mm OD X 31mm Width Quantity: 2 no.s Conditions of Purchase   10.10.2014  
  1368-13/FMT/PSU  Tender Document for supply of Warm Gear/Worm/Worm shaft. Qty. - different Conditions of Purchase Other Terms & Conditions   10.10.2014  
  0687-14/FMT/PEE  Tender Document for supply 110KV Line incomer Current Transformer. Qty. - different Conditions of Purchase Other Terms & Conditions   10.10.2014  
0954-14/FMT/PCS  Tender Document for Supply Of Transparent Polypropylene Woven Fabric Pieces. (e-tender No. MPML/2014-15/IND363)   18.10.2014  
  0993-14/FMT/DIP  Tender Document for supply of 3CX 185sq mm XLPE insulated PVC sheathed FRLS Alluminium Conductor armoured power cable grade 1100 Volts confirming to IS 7098 (part-1) Qty. -350 Mtrs Conditions of Purchase Other Terms & Conditions   27.09.2014  
  0180-14 / FMT / PSU  Tender enquiry for Supply of Press Deg Wire Cloth(Screen) - Top & Bottom. Qty: 04+ 04 =08 Nos Conditions of Purchase Other Terms & Conditions   27.09.2014  
  0771-14/FMT/PCP  Tender Document for supply of 2500 MT Soap stone powder 80%   12.09.2014  
  0802-14/FMT/PPT  Tender Document for our requirement of PP 50 Kg capacity - 400000 Bags. (e-Tender No. MPML/2014-15/IND361)   12.09.2014  
  0819-14/FMT/PEE  Tender Document for supply of A4 size Copier Box with top covers and wrapper sheet. Qty. - Diff. Conditions of Purchase Other Terms & Conditions   15.09.2014  
  0716-14/FMT/ PLZ  Tender enquiry for DAP - 40 MT.   15.09.2014  
  0717-14/FMT/ PLZ  Tender enquiry for UREA - 40 MT.   15.09.2014  
  0870-14/FMT/PSO  Tender enquiry for Fly knives for GR chippers as per drg 3421073 Quantity- 108 no.s . Annexure Drawing 3421073   15.09.2014  
  0860-14/FMT/PHC  Tender enquiry for Spares for Calderys make whytheat A refractory cement Quantity: 6 MT Annexure   15.09.2014  
  0807-14/FMT/PSN  Tender enquiry for Spares for Doctor blades for newsprint machine as per drg 1454042 Quantity:Diff. Annexure Drawing 1454042   15.09.2014  
  0806-14/FMT/PSP  Tender enquiry for Spares for Gould's pump as per drg G 1492076 Quantity:Diff. Annexure Drawing G1492076   15.09.2014  
  0455-14/FMT/PHV  Tender enquiry for air heater tubes MS ERW paipe 60.3mmOD x 2.90mm wall thickness in 6 mtrs length Quantity: 200 no.s Annexure   15.09.2014  
  0857-14/FMT/PCA  Tender Document for Supply of 500 Mt Non Ferric Alum. (e-Tender No. MPML/2014-15/IND 360)   12.09.2014  
  0849-14/FMT/PCZ  Tender Document for Supply of Hydrogen Peroxide. (e-Tender No. MPML/2014-15/IND 359)   12.09.2014  
  0783-14/FMT/PWB(IND 357)  Publication of Tender Document Nylon Fabric Conveyor Belt, 900 MM Width Quantity 300 Mtrs. (e-portal NO.MPML/2014-15/ IND-357) PQ requirement Price format   12.09.2014  
  0666-14/FMT/PEG  Tender Enquiry for supply of 3 Phase Induction Motor. Qty: 01. Conditions of Purchase Other Terms & Conditions   27.08.2014  
  0718-14/FMT/PEE  Tender Enquiry for Squirrel Cage Induction Motor. Annexure   27.08.2014  
  0638-14/FMT/PSU  Tender Enquiry for Industrial Oxygen Gas. Annexure   27.08.2014  
  0251-14/FMT/ PCZ  Tender Document for supply of Online Felt Conditioning Chemicals at PM-4.   27.08.2014  
  0792-14/FMT/PHC  Tender Document for supply of MS steel items.  (e-portal NO.MPML/2014-15/ IND-355)   30.08.2014  
 Corrigendum to the Tender No.0325-14/FMT/PWH and 0461-14/FMT/PWH dtd.23.06.2014.   04.08.2014  
  0564-14/FMT/PSS  Tender enquiry for cane kicker unit as per drawing 2480023R2 (pl contact us for drawing) Quantity - 1 no. Annexure   27.08.2014  
  1242-11/FMT/PEI  Tender enquiry for web tension controller for paper machine rewinder Quantity - 1 no. Annexure   27.08.2014  
  0760-14/FMT/PSP  Tender enquiry for FRP(with isopthalic polyester resin) gratings 1Mtr x 0.5Mtr as per drawing 3494019 Quantity - 200 no.s. Annexure    Drawing 3494019   27.08.2014  
  0629-13/FMT/PEI  Tender enquiry for Rexroth Proportional pressure control valve Quantity - 1 no. Annexure   27.08.2014  
  0488-14/FMT/PEL  Tender enquiry for Saccharimeter for sugarmill Lab Quantity - 1 no. Annexure   27.08.2014  
  0692-14/FMT/PCB  Tender Document in Two Parts for Supply Of Burnt Lime With 80% CaO Content. (e-tender No. MPML/2014-15/IND-349)   22.09.2014  
  0750-14/FMT/PHC  Tender Document for supply of MS steel items. (e-portal NO.MPML/2014-15/ IND-351)   25.08.2014  
  1819-13/FMT/PSN  Tender enquiry for Design, manufacture, supply, Erection &Commissioning of lowerator (hydraulic lift) at PM4 as per drg 2156004 Quantity: 1 no. (e-portal tender No. MPML/2014-15/IND350) Drawing 2156004   25.08.2014  
  1906-13/FMT/PCO  Tender Document for Liasoning & Movement of coal. [e-tender No. MPML/2013-14/IND318 call 2]   25.08.2014  
  0461-14/FMT/PWH  Publication of tender Amendment to the Supply of Medicines for 2014-15.dt. 23.06.201(MPML/2014-15/IND345).    
  0578-14/FMT/PAC  Tender Document for Supply of 1000 MT Poly Aluminum Chloride. (e-Portal Tender No.MPML/2014-15/IND347)  04.08.2014  
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